Thursday, October 27, 2011

God's Promise to Abraham

God’s Promise to Abraham

18+ Months


The story of God’s promise to Abraham (Genesis 15, 18, 21)
During breakfast
Read the story of Abraham's desire for a son and God's promise to make him the father of many nations in a toddler’s Bible.  (One of our favorite children's Bibles.  It also comes in a toddler version which I'm sure is great too!)  If your child is a bit older, we highly recommend   The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Throughout this week, reinforce the truth that God keeps His promises just like He did with Abraham.  If your child is old enough, explain that often times we have to be patient as we wait and trust God to fulfill his promises.

Reinforce Bible story through music.
 Soon after breakfast

Letter Awareness
To recognize the capital letters
Morning, before nap
ABC Driveway Game
In very large, capital or lowercase letters, write about 10 letters on your driveway with chalk.  Walk to all of the letters with your toddler.  Allow him or her to stand on each letter while you review the letter’s name.  Play the game as follows, “Run to B!  Great job!  Walk to F.  Yes!  Sit down on H.  Way to go!  Spin in a circle on Q.  Very good!  Stand on M.  Perfect!  Your turn!  Pick a letter and tell Mommy what it is.”  Child runs to U and says U!  “Great!  Now pick another one.”  Game continues until child show signs of becoming uninterested. (see picture below)

To recognize basic shapes
Any time of the day
Play the driveway game listed above, but instead of writing letters, draw basic shapes such as a square, rectangle, circle, and triangle.  Draw each shape big enough so your child can walk along the outline of each shape as you are reviewing the names of the shapes.
Following Directions/
To learn to recognize Mommy’s voice and obey what she says
Any time of the day
Coloring Letters
On a piece of paper, write 6-7 letters (in capital or lowercase).  Choose 6-7 different colored crayons (depending on how many letters you wrote).  Tell your child, “Color V red.  Great!  Color P purple.  Purple starts with a P and P says /p/.  Wonderful!  Now color Y green.  You did it!”  Game continues until all letters are colored the correct color.  (see picture below)

Since we are focusing on shapes this week, you can also play this game with shapes instead of letters.
Play time with a  purpose
To learn through play
Copy Cat
Tell your toddler to repeat what you do.  Clap once then have your child do the same.  Continue the game…some possible actions are to clap 2-3 times, jump, run to a specific location, stomp quietly, stomp loudly, touch nose, etc.

To express oneself creatively
Go outside and look at the stars before bed one night.  Impress upon your child how huge the sky is and that it is impossible to count all of the stars.  Remind your toddler that God made the night and he made the stars (and the moon).  The next day focus on the following craft...

As you and your child make the stars craft, continue talking about the significance of the stars in relation to God's promise to Abraham.

Story time
To snuggle and read together in preparation for going to sleep
Before bed
Re-read the story of Abraham childhood (maybe from a different toddler Bible) and remind your child that God keeps His promises and we can always trust Him.

A few pictures from our week...

ABC Driveway Game

Coloring Letters

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