Teaching Toddlers

Need some fresh ideas for the time you spend with your toddler?  Want to add more structure, purpose, and depth to your day as you teach your little one about God?  I did, so the teacher in me came out and I have developed very simple weekly "lesson plans" for toddlers.  Let me reiterate...very simple!  These activities will require little to no preparation.  I hope that your toddler and mine will grow to learn more about God and our world as they have fun exploring and learning in unison!

Teaching Toddlers Lessons 
1. Noah's Ark
2. God Made Our World, Week 1 of 2
3. God Made Our World, Week 2 of 2
4. Adam and Eve
5. Baby Moses
6. Joseph's Coat
7. God's Promise to Abraham

Homemade Learning Activities for toddlers
Several learning activities for 2 year olds
Prayer Flowers
Bible Verses for Toddlers