Sunday, July 31, 2011

Teaching Toddlers: The Story of Adam and Eve


The story of Adam and Eve
(Genesis 3)
During breakfast
Read the story of Adam and Eve in a toddler’s Bible.   (One of our favorite children's Bibles.  It also comes in a toddler version which I'm sure is great too!)

Reinforce Bible story through music.
 Soon after breakfast

Letter Awareness
To recognize the capital letters “A”, “B”, and C
Morning, before nap
Read alphabet books and sing the ABC song.  This site has a great list of ABC books.

ABC Memory Game
Get 6 index cards and 3 different colored markers.  On two index cards write A, on two write B, and write C on the last two (each letter should be a different color).  Review all the letters with your child.  Place the cards face down.  Turn over one card.  Say the letter’s name.  Turn over the other cards until you find the same letter.  Make piles of the same letters.  This game can be made more challenging by continuing to add more letters (once your toddler has mastered the letter names).

To recognize a circle, square, and triangle
Any time of the day
Cut 3 triangles out of one color of construction paper.  Cut 3 squares out of another color of construction paper.  Cut 3 circles out of another color of construction paper.  Mix the shapes up.  Model for your child as you place the shapes in groups based on their shape.  Say while pointing to each shape, “This is a square.  Can you say ‘square?’  Let’s put it over here.  This is a circle.  Can you say ‘circle?’  We’ll put it here.  This is a triangle.  Can you say ‘triangle?’  It goes over here.  Now it’s your turn, can you put this square with the other square?”  Guide your toddler’s hand to the square pile and tell him to put the square there.  Continue with the other shapes until all the shapes are put in their correct pile.  Praise, praise, praise your toddler!!!!!!! 

Throughout the week, point out squares, triangles, and circles you see in the house or while you are out.  Allow your child to point to the object, trace his/her finger along the outline, and say the shape’s name.
Play time with a  purpose
To learn through play
This is a fun sequencing activity that ties along with the story of Adam and Eve.  Print out the sequencing card template in black and white.  Allow your toddler to color each card.  Cut out the cards.  Re-read the story of Adam and Eve.  As you read, place the cards in sequential order.  Be sure to use the words, “one, two, three, four” as you go.  (Using first, second, etc, will be confusing at this age, unless your child is already very capable of counting up to four.)  Once the 4 cards are in order, briefly retell the story of Adam and Eve by pointing to each card.
Following Directions/
To learn to recognize Mommy’s voice and obey what she says
Any time of the day
Show your child a desirable object/toy.  Hide the toy without your child seeing where you hid it.  Give oral directions to lead your child to the toy.  Once your toddler finds the toy, say “Great job listening to Mommy and obeying!!!  Let’s play again!” 

If your child is old enough, use this time of the day to briefly talk about how important it is to listen and obey Mommy and Daddy.  Remind him/her that Adam and Eve chose not to obey God and the consequences that followed.  “Just like God wanted what is best for Adam and Eve, Mommy and Daddy want the very best for you because we love you soooo much.”

To express oneself creatively
 Just for fun, you can and your child can make a paper plate snake craft.  If you'd like to be really creative, allow your little one to finger paint the snake.  Here's an edible pudding finger paint idea if you are up for it!

This fun site has many ideas of various art supplies you can make at home!

Story time
To snuggle and read together in preparation for going to sleep
Before bed
Re-read the story of Adam and Eve (maybe from a different toddler Bible)

A few pictures from our week...

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