Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letting go....and letting God

Letting go of my plans.....letting God reveal His perfect plan (much different than what I had envisioned), trusting His ways, and following step by step after Him.

Letting go of a sparkling, clean house.....letting God create beauty from the mess for the clutter is made from two creative, happy children.

Letting go of the desire to look like someone else.....letting God wrap His arms around me and whisper in my ear, "I made you perfectly the way you are.  You are the works of My hands and I am pleased with what I have made.  Love Me by embracing all that you are because of My creativity and grace."

Letting go of the fact that, as a Mama of two, it just isn't possible for me to always have quiet, uninterrupted time first thing in the morning anymore.....letting God teach me how to seek after Him each and every moment of the day, starting with a prayer of praise and dependence before I step out of bed.

Letting go of feeling joyful based purely upon emotions.....letting God, because of His gift of Jesus and his covenant promises, become my unending, never-faltering source of joy.

Letting go of measuring my success as a mother based upon the obedience of my children.....letting God lead and teach my mothering to place the highest value on the condition of my children's hearts.

Letting go of feeling entitled to financial abundance.....letting God gently remind me of my sin and that I only deserve death.  However, in His grace, He freely gives so much to me and monetary gains are not that important in light of eternity.  But oh, how blessed we are!

Letting go of feeling productive simply because I checked off a long list on my to-do list.....letting God remind me that my greatest accomplishments in a 24-hour period are spending time with Him, investing in my marriage, loving and spending time with my two blessings, and serving my friends and the community.

Letting go of me.....letting God be my everything.


  1. Katie,

    Beautifully written and SO very true. What a wonderful reminder of "Letting go and Letting God!". Your babies are beautiful! Thank you, again, for sharing! Such a blessing for me! So much to ponder and chew on throughout the day. I know I will come back to this post and re-read as a reminder of what a wonderful God we serve!

    Have a wonderful day!


    1. Thank you, Eve! So glad we have reconnected! You are a blessing to me as well. (Intentional post coming soon!)