Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Is mothering what I thought it would be? 

Is it what you dreamed the moment you looked into the precious face of your very own baby?

I've thought about this question over the years.  My answer? 

It's more.

More love than I could ever describe.
More potential for sadness and pain than I knew possible.

More smiles and laughter.
More tears.

More "I wish I had my video camera for that moment!"
More "I'm sure glad I didn't catch that on film."

More creativity.
More messes to clean.

More books read.
More pages yet to be turned.

More discoveries of our world through child-like eyes.
More discoveries of who I am and who I desire to be.

More sleepless nights.
More feelings of being needed.

More boo-boos.
More hugs and kisses...even more as they grow taller.

More teachable moments.
More moments I look back on and wish I taught.

More asking forgiveness.
More forgiving.

More grace.
More truth.

More patience.

More fun, play, crafts, outdoor adventures.
More laundry, baths, and dishes.

More questions than answers.

More love and admiration of My Hero as he is a Daddy.
More desire and appreciation in My Hero's eyes as he watches me be a Mama.

More dependency on God.

More joy and thanksgiving for the gift of being a mother...when it's what I imagined and when it isn't.  I wouldn't change a thing.

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  1. Katie,

    You truly have a gift for sharing so beautifully through words. I love how you express your motherhood in both the good and bad times in a way that makes it seem so easy! Love your post as always!

    Have a wonderful day with your beautiful babies!