Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 : Intentional

Last year, in 2011, I began to choose a word for the year.  BE STILL were my words for this past year.  I loved seeing how God used those words to remind me to sink into His presence when my natural tendency was/is to busy myself from the time I wake up until I get in bed at night.  By being still I was able to allow God to penetrate my moments so I was focusing and leaning on His strength throughout the day instead of my own.  I know that learning how to be still will continue to be part of 2012 and I am excited to continue to grow in that area.

2012 arrived much quicker than I was ready for!  With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I watched one day melt into another.  With each passing day, nausea and exhaustion (compliments of my 1st trimester)  overwhelmed me to the point where I felt as though all I accomplished each day was to take care of my family's basic needs.  I was in survival mode.  Now that the nausea has disappeared and my energy has returned, I am ready to get out of this rut and to be intentional with my time.

Through my study of Acts and Paul's letters in Bible Study Fellowship this year, I have been challenged to have an eternal perspective each day and to pray that God would enable me to make an eternal difference in the lives of others.  Above all else, this is my prayer for 2012 and the focus of my intentionality.

Other ways in which I plan to be INTENTIONAL:

1.  Eating a heart-heathy diet 
We have always been conscious of the food we eat, but now we really need to make it a priority to learn more about food in general and to find new, delicious meals that make our hearts and bodies happy.  My Hero was diagnosed with high cholesterol, so this is something I'm passionate about to make sure he is as healthy as he can be!  My goal is to have 20-25 healthy dinners that we can be excited about cooking and eating.  The first several months of this year will be dedicated to trying new recipes. Check out this post to follow our progress!

2. Weekly planned learning experiences for Addison
Unless I sit down and plan learning activities for my 2 year old daughter, one week melts into the next and before I know it a month has passed and I haven't spent as much intentional time learning with her as I want to.  She is so inquisitive and thrives on learning new things.  At the beginning of January I began planning 2-3 activities for us to do each week.  Be on the lookout for more "Teaching Toddlers" posts this year!!

3.  Monthly date nights with My Hero
This is pretty straight forward, but so important!  We've already been on a handful of dates this year and our time away together is always exactly what we need to refocus on each other.  We are thrilled about our 5 year anniversary trip that we just booked this past week!!!!  We will spend 4 days together in Amelia Island next month!!!!  Hurray!

5. Photography
Some dear friends of ours gave us an amazing photography book called "Understanding Exposure."  I have skimmed the book and have learned so much.  This year I want to read each page and apply what I've learned to improve my picture-taking skills!

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Do you choose a word for each year?  If so I'd love to know what it is!!

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  1. Sounds like some great ways to be intentional this year. Looking forward to see what God does in you.