Monday, May 21, 2012

I want to remember this

As the waist of my shorts continue to get tighter, my shirts shorter, and the constant kicks and hiccups of my son stronger, I am fully aware that he will be in my waiting arms soon.  I look down at my belly, gently press against a knee or a little foot until it disappears, and I am overwhelmed, overjoyed, and oh so grateful.

I want to remember this....

I want to hold onto these fleeting days, these moments that I will always look back on with such a tender place in my heart.

And the best way to savor this time?  Find a quiet moment and spend time recognizing and thanking God for His gift of new life, newest of new life that is given to us.

Counting gifts...

690. The privilege of being Addison and Levi's Mama.  I cherish and adore my daughter in a way I never knew possible until she was born.  And I love Levi completely and fully, never having seen him or met him.  I love him because he has been given to us by God and he is ours.  He doesn't have to do anything to earn our love.

691. The joy of seeing the love and awe in My Hero's eyes as he watches our little one grow and my body change to meet his needs.  He always makes me feel beautiful, but I feel especially beautiful carrying our baby.

692. The acrobatics show Levi puts on every night when I get in bed.  What fun it is to share this with My Hero!  How wonderful it is to laugh together!

693. Envisioning Addison take on the role of big sister.  She already shows so many tender, motherly signs that she is ready to have a baby in our family.  How I pray that she will handle the adjustment smoothly!

694. Addison's giggles as she puts her little hand on my belly and feels Levi's kicks.

695. Sore Very painful hips and back - evidence that Levi is growing and healthy

696. The pool to cool off in this summer

697. These maternity pictures my sister (ThistleField Photography) took.  They take my breath away and almost bring tears to my eyes each time I look at them.  Thank you, with all of my heart!


  1. Beautiful list... stunning photography... came over from Ann's and so glad I did!

  2. Simply beautiful... what tender moments you have shared with such sweet sentiment.

    I love this and what a blessing to have a "photographer" in the family.. I have one too :)