Monday, September 17, 2012


The house is dark except for the soft yellow glow of the "5:17" displayed on the oven clock.  The house is still.  The house is quiet.  My jammied 10 week old son is cuddled as close as a mother and infant can be as he fills his rounded belly with warmth and life.  Listening to his gentle, content rhythm casts the perfect backdrop for me to be still.  Be still.  Pray.  Be still.

Do I feel the hunger, emptiness, and desire for my Savior like a babe's entire body yearning for nourishment?

Do I rest in Him as a satisfied, just-fed little one - calm, quiet, fulfilled?


May I only find my satisfaction and fulfillment in You.  In the rare quiet moments and the constant busy ones, I pray that You would remind and teach me how to be still.  Even though I am always on-the- go meeting everyone's needs, I pray that the posture of my heart would be one that invites You in, listens to Your voice, responds accordingly, and rests in You. 

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