Monday, September 24, 2012

The good days, the not-so-good-days

The easy days,
the stressful, I-only-have-two-hands-but-need-ten days

The days full of smiles and laughter,
and those of whining and tears

The good nap days,
The sleepless days

The cheerfully obedient days,
The strong-willed, defiant days

The fun days,
The boring days

The sunny outdoor days,
The rainy, indoor days

The clean house moments,
The crumbs, overflowing laundry baskets, and my-house-looks-like-Toys-R-Us-days

The "yes" days,
The "NO!" days

The days we leave the house minutes before scheduled,
The days we leave the house minutes after scheduled

The days of adventure while exploring something new,
The quiet days spent learning within the walls of our home

The forgiving days,
The asking for forgiveness days

And every day in between....
Allowing God to teach me how to extend grace and love because He IS Grace and Love.


833. Overflowing with thankfulness for our two blessings, the privilege of being home with them each day, and for God's example of grace and love.


  1. So sweet! I love the photo where your daughter has shared all her stuffed toys! Those are definitely two VERY good blessings to count. ;)

    Mindy @ New Equus - A New Creation

  2. Oh I JUST LOVED this post!! I love being a stay-at-home mom and that poem articulates so much! Thank you! Those photos are precious and I laughed so hard seeing the baby's face amongst all those toys. What a treasure!

  3. I love the picture where your daughter placed her toys around her brother, so sweet!

  4. Children are such a true blessing!!! I can tell you appreciate and are trying to enjoy every moment with them! The time seems to whirl right by. My is 20, but I still remember the days of playing, bathing, picnics, and family fun!! God bless you all!
    In His Lo♥e, Ann @ Christ in the Clouds (

  5. There you go...shaping eternity for the Kingdom and for
    Christ, and encouraging us right along the way. Found you at Ann's. So glad I did. Blessings to you!