Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Stocking

This time last year I was busy finishing the final stitches on Addison's stocking.  As I mentioned in this post, my Grandma began making these beautiful needlepoint stockings back in 1973.  Starting a brand new stocking for our new baby boy brought so much excitement as I imagined how proud my Grandma would have been.  Seeing her great-grandson and another stocking would have meant so much to her.  What a joy it is to continue this tradition and to remember what an amazing woman my Grandma was!

A HUGE thank you to my mom for getting the stocking started and doing all of the hard work!  Now I just have to go back and fill in the easy as it is, my both-hands-free moments are few and far between these days.  I doubt it will be finished by Christmas, but I am going to try!

And the sweet little boy this stocking belongs to.  Oh, how he melts my heart...

Counting gifts...

810. A new stocking representing a precious new life that has been entrusted to our family.
811. Honoring my Grandma and remembering her legacy.

1 comment:

  1. What a stunning baby boy! Don't those little boy's just have a way with your heart? I know mine does! :)

    Love the stocking! I made Cameron's last year but have never thought of making one quite like this. Where do you find 'the makings' for these stockings?