Thursday, May 8, 2014

Children: A Gift

Like the vast majority of mothers, I love my children fiercely, unconditionally, and whole-heartedly.  I am not a "crier," but I find myself with tears in my eyes as I marvel at who God has entrusted to My Hero and me.  They are more than an answer to every prayer.

Above all else, children are a GIFT.

It hurts to reflect on the times my selfish lens has taken over and I've viewed my GIFTS as an inconvenience.  The reason my house cannot get clean.  The reason I'm always tired.  The reason I desperately want alone time.

If God gave my daughter to us as a GIFT and my son to us as a GIFT, then how would He desire for me to spend my days unwrapping these one-of-a-kind presents?

I know.  He wants me to marvel and to be overflowing with gratitude and joy.  He wants me to treat them with patience and understanding.  He wants me to use calm, gentle words.  He wants me to make the effort to connect with them on a deep, emotional level.  He wants me to lovingly correct their behavior and teach them about their Maker.

Recently I've been making an intentional effort to interact with my children while viewing them though the lens of a grateful heart for the most precious gifts I could have ever been given...

After singing songs, praying, and cuddling with my sweet boy before bed I hear his happy, toddler voice say, "pees tickcul?"  This is my cue to lean over and kiss his neck over and over until he laughs so hard he needs to catch his breath.  Then he holds out his baby hand and says, "pees tickul?"  Again, I kiss the palm of his hand until I can't help myself but laugh in response to his contagious giggles.  And I think.....God is happy.  He sees me fully loving and ENJOYING the gift He gave me.

I'm pushing my daughter on the swing.  She can pump her thin, long legs all by herself but she still asks me to push her.  I like being needed.  I like talking to her and listening.  We sing songs.  We talk about Who made the birds, blue sky, tall trees and the butterfly that flew by.  And I think....God is happy.  He sees me investing in the gift He gave me, getting to know her heart, and ENJOYING her.

This Mother's Day, I hope that you can join me ENJOYING the gifts God has given us...our children.

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  1. Katie,

    First, I want to say that you are a very talented writer! You have a gift for using words in a way to reach the heart and emotions of everyone reading. Your babies are stunning and you are a wonderful photographer! I thank you for sharing your heart through your blog. It is refreshing and encouraging to read your blog. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! :)