Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This Season

We've all heard the saying, "The days seem long but the years are short" as it relates to raising children.  With My Hero's schedule, these days can certainly seem very long.  All too easily, I find myself focusing on the exhaustion and messes and the constant desire to be alone for more than 30 seconds.  I am gently reminded that this is a season...even though it seems like some of the less-desirable characteristics of toddlerhood will last forever, they really won't.  This present everydayness of the everyday will soon just be memories.  Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture makes me appreciate even the messes and neediness of my children right now.  It won't be like this for long.


Focusing on the gifts of this present season...

Daddy walks in the door from work.  He's greeted with his little boy's delight, "DADDY!!!  HUG!", and left with a perfect vanilla yogurt handprint on his navy uniform.

An unusual 3:45am "Mama" wake-up cry simply because he wanted to be cuddled and rocked by his Mama and only his Mama.

My sigh of relief come 8:00pm when both of my babies are tucked in bed.

Holding hands across the street.  Feeling that little hand fiercely pull away from mine in an act of independence.  Training them in obedience and smiling as that squishy little hand returns to rest in mine. 

Singing and dancing together and performing a "choreograph" as my daughter requests

Asking, "do you want to go to the playground?" and seeing their obvious excitement by their jumps of joy and squeals. 

Knowing that even the simplest thing can bring the greatest excitement and happiness to their little lives.

Shopping like a crazy lady while they are peacefully eating their cookie from the grocery store bakery.  Fearing what will most certainly happen in approximately 2 minutes....the little one will soon be determined to get out of the shopping cart and the older one will have to go to the bathroom, immediately.

Baby voice saying "Wuv woo Mommy."

Hearing their morning wake up noises on the monitor and praying that God would help me through this day.  Dependence.

Reminding myself that they are young.  So young...less than the fingers on one hand.  What a privilege it is to guide and cheer for them as they grow up.

Photo credit: Mary Anne Morgan Photography

Photo credit: Mary Anne Morgan Photography
Letter magnets splattered across the refrigerator proudly displaying crayon masterpieces.

Inviting them to get the mail with me and bracing and mentally preparing for the resistance that will come when it's time to walk back inside.  A teachable moment (again).

Washing dishes.  Looking up one plate later and finding every couch cushion and pillow thrown across the floor.  Laughter.  Giggles.  Squeals.  A reminder to just let them be kids and have fun.

Remembering that a mess can also be called learning, creativity, and good for the senses. 

Sweeping crumbs, both big and small, after every meal.  We have more than we need.

Waking up very early (or earlier than early) so I can hopefully, maybe, possibly take an uninterrupted shower and dry my hair.  Relying on God for my strength.

Hugs....oh, the tight little-armed squeezes around my neck.

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  1. Katie,
    Once again you have beautifully written out your heart and the love for your children. The good and bad day's, becasue we have them all. You have stunning children and I love the pictures you capture with them. Thank you again for sharing. I always love coming back to your posts and re-reading them becuase you always put things so perfectly.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!