Friday, November 7, 2014

Thank you, Addison

My dear sweet girl,

Thank you for asking me if we could paint today.  You don't think about the mess that will follow, but I do.  Maybe I shouldn't.

Thank you for asking me to play the ABC Letter game with you.  You don't realize that the moment I get your brother in his room for nap time (which unfortunately is usually just "quiet time" at this point, but it isn't very quiet at all...) is my springboard to getting as many items checked off of my to-do list as I can.  But that's ok.  I will make the time to play a game with you because you are more important than any empty checkbox waiting to be marked.

Thank you for inviting me to go on your pretend beach trip.  You know I love the beach, don't you?  Thank you for driving our imaginary car.  You let me sit back and enjoy the scenery.  I'm still amazed that it took us .2 seconds to get there.  :)

Thank you for asking me to dance with you.  You know dancing isn't a part of my daily routine unless you ask me to?  But I always enjoy dancing with you, especially when you smile and copy my movements and then you ask me to imitate you.  You are a better dancer than me.  Always have been.  I love that about you are so care-free and expressive.  You are beautiful, my girl.  I have a lot to learn from you.

Thank you for laughing at something silly that I wouldn't have laughed at if it wasn't for you.

Thank you for watching out for your brother when we went somewhere new.  You took his hand, encouraged him, made sure he was safe, taught him what to do, and never let him out of your sight.  You are the best big sister.  Ever.

Thank you for offering to help me make breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You have such a servant's heart, and I will welcome your assistance and company any time.  Thank you.

And thank you for hugging my arm and telling me you love me while you were walking next to me at the grocery store.  That means so much to me.  I love you too, with every ounce of my being.  You are a precious treasure to me and Daddy.  You are a ray of sunshine.  God blessed us tremendously with you. 

When you were born I never realized how much YOU would teach me about what it means to become more like Christ.  Thank you for the hard days, the good days, the tiring days, the restful days, the sad days, the happy days, and every day in between.  Each moment of each day requires me to make a I choose to honor Christ with my actions, thoughts, and words?  Being a parent is wonderful, but also very challenging.  Nothing has made me depend on Jesus more and nothing has made me want to teach someone more about Him.

All of my love,

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