Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thank you, Levi

My precious, blue-eyed son,

Thank you, Levi, for wanting to see me so much every morning that you wake up hours before the sun comes up calling "Mommy."  As tired as I am, I love folding up around you in your crib-sized toddler bed for as many extra minutes of quiet cuddle time as you will allow.

Thank you for your sweet, baby voice.  I love how you pronounce words such as "fire twuck," "lellow," "free" (3), and "mall" (small).  You are too cute and you make me smile as I think about the fact that you won't always talk like a little baby boy. You remind me to rest in the present.

Thank you for telling me that I am beautiful, sparkling, and shining.  You are going to be an incredible husband one day.  Until then, you can keep telling me that I look "boo-ti-ful."  :)

Thank you for being constantly on the go.  You are the reason I do not need a gym membership!

Thank you for doing silly things just so other people will laugh.  I need to laugh more, don't I?

Thank you for reminding me to keep calm and take a deep breath when "quiet time" turns into disaster zone in the blink of an eye.  Moments like these make me pray continuously so that I won't lose my mind.  Your Mama likes cleanliness, organization, and neatness.  You don't.  Maybe we need to meet in the can teach me to be more carefree and I can teach you the importance of order and organization?

Thank you for making me feel like the best chef around.  You still eat like a champ and I greatly appreciate it!!!

 Thank you for wrapping your arms around my neck when you ask me to hold you (and when I pick you up just because I can).  You still melt into my arms.  I prayed for a cuddly baby while I was pregnant with you and God certainly answered that prayer.

Thank you, my sweet boy, for asking me to "wok" (rock) you every night before bed.  Thank you that after a few minutes of prayers, songs, and cuddles you want us to get under the green blanket in your bed and snuggle until you fall asleep.  Do you know that you rest your hands on my cheeks to fall asleep?  As your breathing slows down and deepens, and your little body relaxes, you allow me a few moments to unwind from our wild and crazy day.  A few minutes to pray for you.  Time to think about all the things I am so grateful for.  And time for the frustrations and weariness I felt throughout the day to subside and for the most important aspects of my life to come to the front.

Thank you, my Levi, for the true joy you are.  Thank you for being you.  As I wrote in Addison's letter, nothing has made me depend on Jesus more and nothing has made me want to teach someone more about Jesus than being your Mommy and Addison's Mommy.  I love every day with you, and I am more thankful for you than you will ever know.  You are the perfect gift, and Daddy and I adore you.

All of my love,

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  1. Katie, you have such a beautiful way of using words... Thank you for sharing your heart. Levi is a handsome little boy with beautiful eyes!