Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Twirly Skirts

If her closet was full of twirly skirts, and only twirly skirts, my daughter would be the happiest, twirliest little girl you could imagine.  When trying on skirts and dresses, she will do a quick spin or two to test the skirts "twirly-ness."  If it doesn't pass the test, off it goes.

This dress has placed #1 in the "twirliest" category.  Regardless of the temperature or where we are going, she would choose to wear this dress all day, every day (she'd probably even sleep in it if she could!).

As I was thinking about the importance of twirly skirts in her little life, I came to the conclusion that she loves twirly skirts likely because they are fun, make her feel pretty, elicit smiles and giggles, and she thoroughly enjoys them.

As I related this to my adult life, I have been thinking about the things that I enjoy....not the to-do list parts of my day, but the extra, "nonessential" things that bring me joy.  

As a busy mother, I realize that I have let these simple joys take a back seat as I believe that I don't have the time or need for them anymore.  But I do.  And to be the best wife, mom, and friend, I need to make the time for myself again.  My Hero gave me a great book, The Fringe Hours.  I'm almost finished and I will hopefully share some wisdom I have learned soon.

In the while my girl asks to wear her twirliest skirt once more, I am going to enjoy this early morning quiet space to look at pictures and write and then later I'll bake something delicious...maybe even a new recipe I've saved to make one day but never made the time!

What do you, my fellow busy mother friend, need to do?  What are your God-given passions?  Do you need to paint?  Read a book?  Play an instrument?  Scrapbook?  Encourage a friend?  Volunteer?  Enjoy a massage?  Get a pedicure?  Roll the windows down and sing your favorite song?  Sit on your front porch and relax for a few minutes?

Take a few moments for YOU and enjoy today.  

You will never find time for anything.  If you want time, you must make it.  ~Charles Bixton


  1. So sweet! Ellie does the same exact thing with her dresses! Her favorite is a blue lace one, that goes all the way up. She's not quite as eloquent as Addison though, with her arms out so straight and everything :D

    1. P.s: loved your thoughts too! So true about time- if you don't take it, it will never be there. It has to be purposeful! Needed that! Thanks for the encouragement! :)